About the Hotel

History of Patince

People have been using thermal water in Patince and enjoying its miraculous effects for ages.

Already in the 1st century thermal mineral springs  were discovered by Roman soldiers, camping at the neighbouring village of Iža. The mineral water has been used for treatment of gastro-intestinal diseases, skin diseases and also musculo-skeletal disorders. The hot water from the inside of the earth was praised also by our scholar Matej Bel, who has dealt with the springs in Patince in his works.

Later count Nedeczky built the building of spa in the vicinity of small creeks forming a small hot water pool, where the mineral water brought in was heated in large tanks. The gentlemen used it for refreshment after a long journey and also for curing and convalescence.

However it took more than one century, until mineral water springs in Patince became available to common people. After trial drill in 1958 in quest for thermal water the spa industry has started to develop and also the foundations of the present Wellness Hotel Patince were laid. The very hotel was built in 2006.






Today Patince is a destination for all who are looking for a shelter from the rushing world. At Wellness Hotel Patince we have created a place where you can recover from the everyday problems and have a perfect relaxation,

Our efforts have been praised also by the public, who for several years have chosen us for the most popular attraction of the Nitra district.

The healing mineral water from the springs of Patince has been used up to the present. You can enjoy its benefits all year long in 3 inner pools, and during the summer also in 7 outer ones. Altogether you can use up to 10 pools with mineral water.

After having a bath you can heat up a pleasant way in one of our 5 saunas.

An absolute relaxation and recovery are guaranteed by the wide range of massages, body wraps and beauty cures provided in our wellness centre. From massage, through detoxification face masks, revitalizing tub baths to pedicure with Garra Rufa fish.



Roman bath

In order to experience even greater pleasure from the effects of our thermal water we have built a Roman bath – situated near the spring located directly on the lake. Its temperature reaches 27 oC.

These springs contain high levels of hydrogen carbonates, calcium, magnesium and sulphates and have favourable effects on locomotive organs and help treat diseases affecting them. This water has ideal properties that will greatly contribute to the regeneration of your tired muscles and hoints and we use it in all our pools.

African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) attractions:

  • african catfish can be bred only in an aquarium or pond where the water is warmer than 24 degrees, the fish has no chance of surviving in the surrounding waters,
  • in Asia, for example, in Vietnam or Cambodia, to get small catfish on the market, which people keep in the garden as pets and feed them with kitchen waste,
  • somewhere they call African catfish Walk fish – walking fish have no problem walking on their fins than on their feet,
  • African catfish crawl like crows when out of the aquatic environment.

We regularly include catfish feeding in the hotel’s animation program.


A hotel for children

Moreover out hotel is able to provide relax for the whole family – for each member per his/her demands. As long as you enjoy wellness services your older children in the summer can enjoy some of the four toboggans, or their join a program prepared for them by animators. During the less warm months you can have enough fun in relaxation pools, with wild rived, cave and waterspouts. For the infants we have prepared the children’s corner.

more about the hotel for children


A conference you will remember

Conference hall Panorama

Do you plan to organize a conference, symposium or training?

Then the congress centre, which has been an integral part of the hotel since 2009 is an ideal venue for you. There are 4 conference halls at your disposal, of which the bigger one has a capacity to host up to 250 persons, with all needed accessories (screen, flip chart, sound system, technical apparatus).

For events lasting several days we can also provide a convenient accommodation in luxury rooms with four star hotel standard, catering services, unlimited entrance to pools, saunas and fitness centres, together with a great parking lot. Also thanks to these features your conference will become an event the participants will surely remember.



They said about us

Prijemny oddych, ochotny peronal, chutne jedlo. Vyborny bazen, masaze a procedury. Deti sa vyblaznia :-) Izby su na slovenske pomery dost priestranne. Odporucam.


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Priestranný vodný svet, ústretoví personál, ľahká dostupnosť, možnosť aj bezlepkovej stravy, odporúčam.


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Bolo super :-D


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V hotelu jsem byla ubytována jen na 2 noci v rámci služební cesty a vše bylo naprosto perfektní. Milý personál, pokoje čisté. Naprosto vyhovující. Všem děkuji za milé přivítání. Lucie


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