Peath bath with peat pulp

A peat bath has an excellent healing effect on the body. Peat contains a large amount of nutrients, minerals and natural trace elements which the bath helps absorb into the skin, nourishing, renewing and engorging the skin.

Remineralising bath

The remineralising bath contains remineralisation salts and seaweed which enriches the body with vitamin C and trace elements. The bath’s important effects include increasing blood circulation in the skin and internal organs.

Magnesium bath

The magnesium bath is suitable for muscle cramp and joint pain. This bath will also help eliminate harmful toxins from the body, lessen water retention in the body, relieve muscle tension, calm your mind and help you relax.

Sulphur bath

This bath has healing effects and is recommended mainly for rheumatisms, digestive problems, allergies and skin diseases, in particular psoriasis. Sulphur baths are exceptionally important for joint diseases, because structures containing sulphur decrease in damaged cartilage. Sulphur also has beneficial effects on asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Beer bath with beer bottle (0,33l)

The beer bath is an exceptional procedure where you can enjoy a relaxing bath with a beer emulsion and a bottle of cool beer. The bath warms up the skin, opens up skin pores, thus letting harmful elements out of the body. The beer emulsions have a healing effect, help the skin regenerate and also reinforce the body’s immune system.

Chocolate bath

Treat yourself to a chocolate experience without putting on weight. The chocolate powder with a high cocoa content combined with mango oil has a beneficial effect on the body and mind. After our chocolate bath, you will feel pleasantly relaxed and your skin will look younger and firmer.

Relaxing bath with lavender

A bath with a deep scent containing essential oils and natural lavender flowers. It will rid you of stress, tension and irritation. It helps with sleep problems, infections and skin redness.

Anti-ache bath with Dead Sea mud

The anti-ache bath with Dead Sea mud and essential oils is calming, helps the nervous system, relaxes after physical and mental exhaustion, regenerates your life forces and relieves bone and muscle pain.

Harmonising bath with rose petals

The luxury bath with soft, scented pieces of rose petals cleanses and brightens the skin, has a rejuvenating effect, prevents early skin ageing, revives and firms up the skin. It is also suitable for irritable and sensitive skin, minor spots and acne. The bath helps soothe your body, improves your mood and is suitable for sleep problems, headaches, depression and instils a feeling of calm and harmony. It is also an aphrodisiac and is suitable for baths for couples.

Rejuvenating bath with seaweed

The seaweed bath is an ideal beauty and health elixir for the skin and body. Thanks to the joint action of the elements contained in seaweed, it has vitalising, toning and hydrating effects, giving energy and relaxing the body.

Anti-cellulite citrus bath *New*

A bath with the fresh and gentle scent of citrus fruit, helped by sea salt, cleanses and smooths out your skin, rids your body of toxins, improves blood circulation and helps the lymphatic system, making your skin younger and firmer. The warm bath helps the metabolism which is another effective way of fighting cellulite.

Anti-stress relaxing bath *New*

The calming bath with the etheric oils of lemon and sweet orange improves your mind and refreshes the whole body. The action of the grapeseed oils and Mediterranean salts will leave your skin soft and hydrated and your body relaxed. It is mainly suited for eliminating tiredness and calming the nervous system.

Vitalising THAI bath

The bath beneficially refreshes the whole body, stimulates it after difficult tension, refreshes the nervous system and relaxes the body. The bath helps overworked muscles, cellulite and skin infections. Thanks to its ginger contact, it is also beneficial for colds and relieves the airways.

Miracle bath for ladies *New*

This is a miraculous relaxing bath using iodine-bromine salt which is also beneficial for gynaecological problems. It has significant medical effects thanks to its high iodine, bromine, silicon and selenium. It helps in the treatment of the motor system, accidents, rheumatisms, gynaecological and urological problems, respiratory diseases, skin diseases, high blood pressure, excessive perspiration; it eliminates stress and strengthens the immune system. The bath warms up your skin, stimulates blood circulation and relaxes your body.

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