Facial and body cosmetic treatments

Treatment by skin type

Place yourself in the hands of our experts and enjoy fifty minutes of relaxation with a face peeling, massage and face mask. Your skin will look healthy and relaxed.

50 min. / 35 €

Deep skin cleansing

Treat yourself to gentle skin care with a peeling, deep cleanse and face mask. Regular skin cleansing is guaranteed to give you a healthy look and beautiful skin.

50 min. / 35 €

Chocolate skin mask with real 98% chocolate

“Chocotherapy” is an excellent way of getting rid of a bad mood and depression. Treat yourself to a relaxing face mask with real chocolate with a cocoa content of 98%. Your skin will be hydrated, nourished and wonderfully soft.

20 min. / 10 €

Detox face mask

The detox mask will rid your skin of toxins. It helps eliminated dead skin cells while regenerating your skin, regulating the skin’s pH, cleansing, smoothing out and brightening your skin. It is suitable for all skin types.

20 min. / 10 €

Face mask by skin type

The basis for beautiful, healthy skin is day-to-day skin care. Treat your skin to the care it needs with this face mask suited to your exact skin type.

20 min. / 10 €

Relaxing face and décolletage massage

The relaxing face massage will relax your mind while cleansing, nourishing and strengthening your skin.

25 min. / 14 €

Anti-migraine face, neck and head massage

The anti-migraine massage is a relaxing face massage which works on acupressure points. The massage is suitable as a prevention against migraines and relieves pain and tiredness.

20 min. / 14 €

Body peeling

Treat yourself to gentle skincare with a peeling. The peeling’s main role is to eliminate dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. After its use, your skin will be firmer and look younger and fresher.

20 min. / 25 €

Aromatic body treatment (peeling + massage with a massage candle)

The peeling will cleanse your skin, rid it of toxins and brighten it up. The relaxing massage with a massage candle will leave your skin wonderfully scented and your body will be rested and relaxed.

50 min. / 38 €


Procedures using MARY COHR beauty products

Our top trained beauticians and masseurs will take your comfort and beauty in hand. We offer a wide range of cosmetic products from the MARY COHR brand without any genetically modified ingredients, parabens and chemical filters for skin and body care.


MARY COHR Face care

CatioVital – Hydration

Complete personalised treatment with a patented instrument for dehydrated skin.

80 min. / 55 €

CatioVital Nutrition

Complete personalised treatment with a patented instrument for dry and sensitive skin

80 min. / 55 €

CatioVital Pigment stains

Complete personalised treatment with a patented instrument for unifying your skin tone.

80 min. / 55 €

CatioVital Matting

Complete personalised treatment with a patented instrument for greasy and combination skin.

80 min. / 55 €

CatioVital Lifting

Complete personalised treatment with a patented instrument for mature skin.

80 min. / 55 €

CatioVital Sun

This complete personalised treatment with a patented instrument protects the skin from UVA/UVB rays and prolongs your suntan. Thanks to its active ingredients, it gives your skin a young look again after suntanning.

80 min. / 55 € 

CatioVital Double youth

A luxury complete treatment for smoothing and rejuvenating the skin using hyaluronic acid.

80 min. / 65 €

CatioVital Homme

Complete personalised treatment with a patented instrument for men.

60 min. / 49 €

Age repair

Manual treatment eliminating signs of ageing.

60 min. / 80 €

Eye repair

Intensive care of the area around the eyes, smoothing and relaxing the eye area.

40 min. / 45 €


MARY COHR Body care

Relaxation treatment

Relaxation treatment with a skin wrap from bamboo butter and lotus extract.

45 min. / 55 €