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Patince Wellness Hotel**** offers a great opportunity for families to spend an ideal holiday together. Every season you will find many options for relaxation and entertainment for both parents and children.

It is a year-round for children available children’s playground. During the holidays, special breaks and summer holidays, children’s program ensures animator.

Various events and attractions for children are prepared on a regular basis in cooperation with professional animators.

Swimming for babies

In cooperation with the MOBIK school of swimming we have organized swimming courses for infants and toddlers aimed at teaching your children to love exercises above and below the water level. We will show you the proper use of water and saunas for that age group to develop the immune system.

The swimming courses or stays are intended for children from 4 months to 3 years of age and last for approximately one week. The swimming hour consists of two parts: swimming and sauna world. Every parent enters the swimming pool together with his/her child. All exercises are presented in a playful way through songs and rhymes.