Regular exercising of power yoga will restore your inner peace and reinforce body.

Žena cvičí power jógu - Wellness Hotel Patince

The sessions are provided at our hotel in Patince during weekends. Our instructors Marcela and Valéria will introduce you to the secrets of power yoga and show you that movement is for all age categories.


Marcela Vidová lives in Hurbanovo. She studied at the Medical University in Bratislava. She has been dealing with sport and instructing TAEBO for 20 years. She has been instructing power yoga for three years. In addition, she studies tantra yoga and leads women’s meditations.


Valéria Blickling has been dealing with yoga for more than six years. She attended Power Yoga Academy in Piešťany. She is always happy to share skills with anyone who is interested in yoga. Currently, she also works as a power yoga and wan yoga instructor in Pilates EvaM studio in Nové Zámky.


Slovaks often connect wellness hotels mainly with Jacuzzi, massages or beauty treatment. However, wellness stay is not only about lounging and visitors can also enjoy active relax.

Wellness Hotel Patince also offers a number of sport activities such as tennis, ping pong, cycling, golf, inline skating, swimming, billiard or bowling. Regular weekend exercises with skilled instructors are also available. One of them is power yoga, instructed by our popular instructors Valéria and Marcela.

Both ladies are full of energy and our clients love them. This is the reason why we decided to interview Marcela and Valéria and to transfer this way a bit of their energy to you. Perhaps they will inspire you and you will also start to exercise regularly or join their sessions in Patince.


Almost every adult person is today aware that they should move, eat well and care about their body. But standing up from a chair, giving up a car and include movement among every-day responsibilities is harder than it seems. What was it that brought you two to movement and ultimately to instructing?

Marcela: I already started to exercise about twenty years ago. I had been searching for different aerobic exercises as I had energy for 20 people. I tried every possible exercise but was never really tired or sweat. But then I tried TAEBO. After two hours I almost dropped with exhaustion and at that point I told myself that was it. I gradually wanted to share such an intensive experience with other people like me, so I became an instructor.

Valéria: I always liked sport, too. Since I was small, I had been doing gymnastics and volleyball but nothing impressed me more than yoga. It got me all, I literally fell in love.


You have rich skills with instructing. Can you clearly say who are individual exercises intended for?

Marcela: Power yoga is popular among people who are more dynamic, like challenges and want to connect with themselves. There’s no age limit. My group consists of kids, men and women of different age categories.

Valéria: Yoga is really designated for anyone, at any age. Whoever wants to do something for their body, they will find a way to an exercise that suits them.


What is the effect of power yoga on human organism?

Marcela: Power yoga focuses on correct posture, equalling muscle imbalance, joining the body core and its controlling in yoga asanas. The training and development of full yoga breath releases and strengthens spinal and abdominal muscles.

Valéria: Yes, that’s right, Yoga has a great effect on people; it’s an exercise about breathing, self-awareness, inner harmony and energy. Regular exercise helps shape the figure. One will be satisfied with themselves from both the physical and the mental point of view. Your body and mind will already start to change after the first yoga class for which you will feel amazing.

What are the preconditions if somebody wants to start with power yoga?

Marcela: There are no preconditions; it’s enough if one wants to do something good for their health and also have fun.

Valéria: Yes, they just need to try it.


You both also instruct at our hotel in Patince. What do you personally like about Patince and why should people visit it?

Marcela: Beautiful hotel, good services, interesting events and, of course, very good animation programs.

Valéria: Patince is a great place within Slovakia. It’s surrounded by beautiful countryside and there’re many possibilities to relax and also have fun. I think it’s the right choice for people who feel like relaxing and enjoying the moments of free time with their loved ones. And what’s more than seeing happy faces at our hotel in Patince? I wish them all to rest and enjoy this beautiful place. Namaste Valika.

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