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From time to time, your skin needs a deeper cleansing: do not avoid massages, wraps or saunas. We will advise you on what to choose.

Do you have a feeling that your skin aged during the summer? That it lost flexibility, is dry and your wrinkles deepened? Perhaps, with the upcoming autumn, you need a more intensive intervention than just a standard every-day care in the form of cleansing and putting on creams. If so, there are various treatments available that will regenerate, nourish, soften and brighten your skin.

The problem is that beauty salons, wellness centres and hotels offer too many types of peelings, wraps, spas and other treatments. Those who are not actively interested in this area can barely orient in the offer. They do not know what is the best for them. If you too hesitate what would help your skin the most in the autumn, read a few autumn tips we have chosen directly from the offer of our Wellness Hotel Patince. You can try them during the holiday Halloween Stay, for example.




Full-body wrap with rosehip oil

If you mostly care of your face, in the autumn and winter, and sometimes the décolletage, but forget about the rest of your body, you should certainly enjoy a full-body wrap from time to time. It will nourish every millimetre of your skin, soften it and smooth out. In the autumn, you can be nicely surprised by the nourishing full-body wrap with rosehip oil. Not only are rosehips good for tea, they can also slow down skin ageing, fight wrinkles and support skin hydration since they are rich in Vitamin C. They are also good for stretch marks, for example. The special wrap contains extracts from common poppy that provides a relaxing aroma to the treatment.


Relaxing massage with essential oils

Let us spoil you! Relaxing massage with essential oils provides relaxation, removes tiredness and restores the motility of stiffened muscles. It also has a positive effect on your skin, though. Essential oils are a distillate obtained from herbs and other plants rich in vitamins and nutrients. They are a great nourishment for the skin and their attractive scent relaxes the body and mind perfectly.

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Energizing body peeling with aroma

Peeling is also an important part of the autumn care. It removes from the skin dead cells after summer tanning. After the treatment, the skin is softer, more flexible and looks younger. The intensive aroma makes from the peeling an experience that will also energize your mind.

Masážne priestory v Patinciach

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Double ionisation

In the autumn, the skin needs to get ready for unfavourable weather. It must be thoroughly cleansed and nourished to depth. Modern treatment methods like ionisation help with deep cleansing. The skin is treated with an anti-age effect product that contains pure Vitamin C and other 56 biologically active substances, hyaluronic acid and collagen. Thanks to a special device, all substances beneficial for the skin get deeper into the skin through ionisation. The skin is smoother and looks younger.


Steam sauna

Many people avoid or forget about sauna. Particularly women have bad experience with too hot saunas – they feel dizzy and sick. The best option for the surface of our body is less warm steam sauna with a temperature of about 60°C. High humidity at such a temperature allows easier and faster skin cleansing. The skin is then soft and smooth, with a good blood supply.

Parná sauna v Patinciach

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Catio Vital treatment for men

Men have often problem to admit that their skin also needs a restart sometimes. In Wellness Hotel Patince we therefore offer complete personalised treatment for men with a patented device. The skin is perfectly treated, nourished and looks younger.


Be careful with the quality of used cosmetics and devices!

When choosing a device to provide the treatment you have chosen, be careful what devices and cosmetics it uses. Quality products are the core of success. In Wellness Hotel Patince, we use the Mary Cohr cosmetics and devices CATIA Vital by the same institute. The brand originated in France and has a good reputation all over the world (it is used in about 5,000 different facilities). Thanks to the brand, we can treat our clients without using genetically modified plants or parabens.

If you are interested in our treatments and think they could be beneficial for your skin, visit us in Patince. Book the mentioned Halloween Stay, for example, or other thematic stays for all your family. We will take care of everyone. While tired mums will enjoy massages and wraps and daddies a beer bath, kids can have fun with our rich animation program.

The complete offer of our beauty treatments, massages, baths and wraps is available in our pricelist. We will be happy to advise you on their choice and availability during your stay.

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