What activities are prepared for kids in Patince?

Tobogany v Patinciach

Nice warm water, beautiful countryside, animation programs – this all is prepared for your little ones in the southernmost village of Slovakia. They can also come to have a look at impressive sharks or enjoy a cruise on the Danube.

It is often very challenging to plan a family holiday, even more if you have children at different ages. You don’t want to make out new activities anymore and want to rest a bit during your holiday? Come to our Wellness Hotel in Patince. A family holiday with you kids at our hotel will fully substitute a stay by the sea. We have chosen for you a small sample of what your kids will certainly love in the hotel or its surroundings.

Zájdite si na návštevu do maďarského Tropicaria

Tropicarium with sharks

No doubt the proximity of Hungary is a great benefit for Patince. The capital city of our southern neighbours is only one and a half hour by car far. Budapest is a beautiful historic city but children will especially like the Tropicariumthe largest sea aquarium in Central Europe. You can see there manifold fish, snakes, spiders, monkeys and other animals about which kids of all age categories will be excited.

The aquarium dominant is a huge tank with sharks and other sea creatures and a glass tunnel for visitors. This way, children can have a really close look at these predators. The smallest ones will certainly appreciate an open tank with rays they even can touch.

V Patinciach a jeho okolí sa určite nudiť nebudete, pretože na váš čaká mnoho zážitkov a výber je len na vás

Pool world and animation program in Patince

Your kids aren’t yet ready for longer trips and you also want to enjoy the sun, refreshing water and especially piece? Visit our hotel Pool World. Thermal water from the Hévíz stream will return blood into your veins and the many outdoor pools will fully substitute the sea to your kids. There are plenty of toboggans, slides, fountains and monkey bars.

If water is still not enough for them, there are sport fields for volleyball or tennis near the pools. You can also have a ride with them on a pedal boat around our hotel pond or to play mini-golf.

Športové ihriská či bazény pre deti

The plus of our summer stays is, in addition to water and sport equipment, everyday rich animation programs. Face painting, hair braiding, sack race, rope pulling, artwork activities, feeding fish and fishing – this is just a small sample of the activities in which your kids can take part at our Wellness Hotel in Patince. At breakfasts and dinners, your energetic kids will be entertained by our cute mascot Flippy the dolphin.

Bohata ponuka animačných programov, ako napr. maľovanie na tvár

Plavba loďou Wellness 1 po Dunaji vaše deti určite zaujme

Boat cruise on the Danube

Many children are already fascinated by manifold transportation means from their little age. For such fans, we have prepared a cruise on our boat with an apt name – Wellness I. From the picturesque Patince dock that is located only two kilometres far from the hotel, the boat sets off every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday for regular cruises during the summer holidays.

Anyway, make sure to visit the Patince dock with you kids even if you don’t want to go on the boat. The littlest ones can take the pleasurable way from the hotel in a pram or on a ride-on and you can all have a refreshment in the form of cold drinks at the end of the route in our Marina Bar. Kids can also enjoy a playground with a trampoline there.

Ak ste nadšencom golfu, skúste si hru v Tata v golfovom klube Old Lake


Golf in the town of Tata

Do you like to play golf or have you always wanted to try it? All family has the possibility to play this elegant sport near Patince. Not even an hour by car far, there is the Golf Club Old Lake in the Hungarian town of Tata. You can rent there equipment and gain the basic golf skills with the help of an experienced instructor. Some of them are particularly trained for instructing children.

This was just a small sample of what your kids can experience with us. If you decide to visit us during holidays, you will certainly find even more interesting activities for the whole family. Wellness Hotel Patince is like made for children, so take a look at all of our summer stays.

You don’t have time anymore to visit us in the summer? Never mind, stays for families with children are organized all year. In the autumn, you can come for the Halloween Stay or St. Nicholas Stay. Don’t miss them.

Stays can be booked via e-mail: recepcia@wellnesspatince.sk or by phone: +421915 999 014.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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