What will delight every parent in Patince?

Exteriér Wellness Hotel Patince

Warm water, good food, drinks or indoor and outdoor activities are things your children will certainly enjoy in the Slovakia’s southernmost village.

Nielen kúpanie bude pre vaše deti zábavou

Swimming is not the only activity to entertain your kids in Wellness Hotel Patince. Photo: author’s archive.


We set off to Patince for a weekend literally in the last moment. Meteorologists forecasted rainy weather and we did not have any better idea than an accommodation with indoor pools. We were a bit afraid of how we would manage things with three small kids (aged 6, 5 and 2) in a hotel. Fortunately, there wasn’t any such problem; just the opposite. We found out that kids are welcome in Patince and that there’re many things to make the stay of both the kids and the parents really pleasurable.

Huge apartment

The first thing that impressed us was the size of the apartment – a huge living room, two bedrooms and a big bathroom. We were also provided with a cot for our littlest one to our room. We moved it from the bedroom to the “children’s room” so that we could have had a quiet night.


Zažijete aj výhľad z hotela na vodné plochy

The all hotel site is full of greenery and water areas and so is also the view from windows. Source: author’s archive.


We chose the apartment mainly because as parents of three small children we cannot just up in the evening and go to a restaurant or bar. So we bought wine in the hotel Bowling bar in the evening and relaxed and drank it directly in our temporary living room.

Strategic location of children’s playrooms

We had scarcely time to accommodate and our kids just disappeared. We found them in the children’s playroom behind the reception. There was a ball pool, cars, ride-ons and other toys in the playroom – simply a heaven for kids and also for parents who want to sit for a while quietly.


Z detského kútika vaše deti zaručene nebudú odchádzať s energiou

You won’t get your kids out of the playroom. Source: author’s archive.


Thanks to the children’s playroom, we could always have sit down after the breakfast and dinner to a table in the corridor in front of the playroom and enjoy coffee or something stronger (in the evening hours) from the local Lobby bar.


Na rodičov čaká v lobby bare odmena v podobe jemnej pálenky

Reward for parents in the form of fine brandy from the Lobby bar just next to the children’s playroom. Photo: author’s archive.


As parents we also appreciated that the playroom was near the restaurant. As soon as our kids finished their meals, they left to play and we had time to finish our meals and talk.

Choosing meals in the hotel restaurant

Breakfasts and dinners were in the form of buffet tables, so we were able to choose from cold and hot foods just what we knew our kids would eat. There was a rich choice of meals, including fruit and vegetables. Everyone could have found what they liked.


Na výber máte aj bohatý výber jedál

A rich choice of hot and cold food also for the dinner. Source: author’s archive.


The hotel was full of younger and older children, so my fear that our kids would bother somebody at their food quickly disappeared. We loved to find out that the restaurant section was not situated only on the ground floor but also on the first floor. And there was nobody else but us on the first floor so early morning, so we had peace at the breakfast. Nobody minded that our littlest one walked here and there among tables. 


Pre deti sú na raňajky prichystané bufetové stoly

Kids could have chosen whatever they liked for breakfast. Source: author’s archive.


Pool world where kids learn to swim

The main goal of the stay was to spend the rainy days in the hotel’s pool world and let our kids fool around in warm water and improve at least a bit their swimming skills. The pool world is divided into a small children’s pool with a short toboggan, large relaxing pool with bubbles and massage currents and a great secret cave. There is also a big indoor Jacuzzi and a pool with hot water. Unfortunately, we were not able to try them because of our kids but never mind.


Nafúknuté lopty si deti veľmi pochvaľovali, čo bolo vidno na ich štastných tvárach

The inflatable balls in the pool that were inflated for visitors were a source of unlimited fun for the kids. Source: author’s archive.


Our older children were constantly riding a toboggan that ended in about a meter deep children’s pool, so we did not have to mind them too much. We, the parents, took turns with our youngest son. At first he looked quite scared as we were inflating sleeves and put him into water. He did not want to let us first but at the end of the stay, he was already able to keep himself afloat with the sleeves alone and without screaming. There was a slight current turning around the all relaxing pool that makes it easier for children to swim and that also helped him. Our oldest child even threw away their swimming ring in the end and started to swim on their own. So the mission was accomplished, at least partially.


Deti si vo vnútornom bazéne s detským toboganom nevedeli odpustiť jazdu aj viackrát

The children kept riding a huge lizard-like toboggan. Source: author’s archive.


The benefit of the pool world is a small buffet right by the pool. We could solve this way sudden hunger or thirst or sometimes even the full lunch. All costs were charged to a chip we always carried on the wrist as a watch. Thanks to the chip, we were able to enter the room and pools and also shop in the hotel shop, bars and restaurants.


Bufet priamo pri bazénoch deti ocenili a dobili sa tak energiu na ďalšie šantenie

Especially children appreciated the buffet right by the pools. Source: author’s archive.


Wellness 1 boat trip

On Saturday afternoon at 2 PM, we set off for a cruise on the Danube. Initially, it was not meant to happen due to bad weather but the hotel management ultimately approved the many requests of hotel guests and allowed the cruise.


Prístav Marina je necelé 2 kilometre od hotela, takže si môžete dopriať aj vyhliadkovú plavbu

The dock and the romantic Marina are located only two kilometres far from the hotel. Source: author’s archive.


Wellness 1 is anchored in the dock that is about two kilometres far from the hotel. It is possible to walk there but we did not have enough time so we drove (there is a parking lot right by the dock). The romantic Marina, where you can buy some refreshment, was closed due to the weather. It must be amazing to sit there in the summer.


Pre deti bude plavba na lodi Wellness 1 zážitkom aj v prípade nepriaznivého počasia

The deck of Wellness 1 is covered. You can also enjoy the cruise during a rainy weather. Source: author’s archive.


The boat has rich interior areas where we sheltered comfortably from the unfavourable weather and kids could have run all over the boat. On the way back, the captain let all the children on the boat try steering. They then got a certificate of passing all steering tests, which was a life-time experience for them.

Feeding African Catfish

The Patince hotel is surrounded by a beautiful area full of greenery, outdoor attractions and pools. These were, of course, still closed, so we went at least to have a look at the known African Catfish bred in the hotel’s Roman Spa. We were quite surprised by the size of the catfish and the kids were excited. Therefore, we could not miss their Sunday feeding.


Jazierko s africkými sumcami nezostane nepovšimnuté

The pond where African Catfish are bred is lovely. Source: author’s archive.


Despite strong rain, the feeding was a great experience not only for the kids but also for us. A man could have seen this calm fish in a new light. Allegedly, catfish is able to grab from the bank and eat even a small bird as we later read. If you go to Patince, definitely do not put your hand to them into water.

Animation program

The good news for parents is that an animation program takes place in the hotel every weekend. We decided to visit the hotel outside the thematic stays that are often organized here but our kids enjoyed the program anyway. There was an art workshop on Saturday and balloon animals were made for children on Sunday.

Malé prekvapenie si pre deti prichystili aj animátori v podobe zvieratiek z balónikov

In the children’s playroom, an animator made balloon animals for children. Source: author’s archive.


We did not have enough time to try all activities. We noticed that there was a bowling tournament or a table football tournament in the evening hours. Outside, there was a petanque court, skittles, tennis courts, manifold monkey bars and a sandpit.


Even when the weather was bad all weekend and we could not try everything, neither our kids nor we were bored. We did not even have time for a longer trip like to nearby Komárno or to the observatory, for example, as we planned initially. After the exhaustive program, our kids fell asleep like babies in the car on the way from Patince. Well, they actually are babies a little but it is like a miracle to make all three of them fall asleep in the afternoon.


Po vyčerpávajúcom dni plnom zábavy si vaše deti na ceste domov určite od únavy pospia ešte v aute

The kids enjoyed our stay in Patince and fell asleep on the way home. Source: author’s archive.


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