Recreation vouchers in Wellness Hotel Patince


Have you heard of our recreation vouchers but do not know how to use them? We will answer all your questions! Find out how to enjoy a cheap Slovak holiday with our recreation vouchers.

Ktorá firma vydáva rekreačné poukazy?

Which company issues recreation vouchers?

The obligation applies to companies with more than 49 employees. You will receive a contribution for recreation directly from your employer in two different forms:

  • electronic voucher in the form of a recreation payment card
  • direct invoice payment in the accommodation facility and subsequent repayment of the invoice by employer.

Note: Before visiting our facility, find out which form of repayment your company will select.

Kto môže rekreačný poukaz využiť?

Who can use recreation vouchers?

In order to use your recreation voucher, you must work in your company for at least 2 years. This information stems from your employment contract. Vouchers can also be used by civil servants and people working in the public interest.

If you are currently on maternity or parental leave, you can use recreational voucher, too. The only condition is that your employment contract lasts as of the date of the beginning of your recreation at least 2 years,

And what about your family members?

This information will certainly delight you. The employer will also repay 55% of the holiday costs for your wife/husband, cohabitant, parents living with you in one household and, of course, your children. If your children attend primary school or secondary grammar school (up to the 4th grade), you can also use the contribution for daily or stay camps during holidays.

If you are a self-employed person, you can include all costs of recreation into your tax expense.

Aká je výška príspevku?

What is the amount of the contribution?

Simply said, your company will repay 55% of costs up to €275 a year. You will pay the lower portion equalling 45%, that is €225.   The maximum amount of a recreation voucher can be €500. It means that if an employee pays for recreation 500 and more euros a year, the employer will contribute with a maximum amount of €275. If an employee pays for holidays a lower price, the employer will contribute to it in an amount of 55% of eligible costs.


Postup procesu uplatnenia rekreačných poukazov na pobyt

Na aké služby môžete poukaz použiť?

For what services can a voucher be used?

Recreation vouchers can be used in various recreational establishments within Slovakia that provide accommodation, food, wellness or other services including rest and relax. The only condition is that you stay in such an establishment for at least two nights.


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Stays that you can use by direct payment:

Christmas Package
197€ adult / 2 nights
New Year’s Eve Package
395€ adult / 3 nights
„Between holidays“ Package
175€ adult / 2 nights
Relaxing Weekend
149€ adult / 2 nights
Relaxing Week
121€ adult / 2 nights
Wellness Romance
208€ person / 2 nights
Wellness Aqua
153€ adult / 2 nights
Wellness Weekend
175€ adult / 2 nights
Accommodation with Santa
175€ adult / 2 nights
Wellness Senior
131€ adult / 2 nights

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