Sauna world

The beneficial effects of a sauna on the human body have been known in various forms all over the world for centuries. That is why we have prepared several types of sauna, by combining these you may create your own sauna world.

Finnish sauna

High temperatures (from 60 to 110°C) and minimum air humidity (10 – 30%) leads to an increase in blood circulation in the skin and a rise in body temperature by 1 – 2°C. This will improve muscle and joint mobility. It also helps to excrete impurities from the skin which is significant from a cosmetic point of view. Sauna is one of the most comprehensive hardening procedures and functions also as a substantial prevention to cold diseases.

Herbal sauna

Aromatherapy is one of the oldest methods of natural medicine. One of the most effective methods is inhalation of ethereal oils, i.e. inhalation of scents when the brain after the initial sensations caused by odours initiates various reactions in the body and subsequently also healing processes with long-term effect.

Steam sauna

The advantage of the steam sauna where the temperature reaches a maximum. 60°C at 100 % humidity is its lower burden on the body. Moist air has a favourable effect on the skin and purifies itself intensely. The skin thus remains supple and velvety. The steam bath has positive effects in the weakening of blood vessels with, clots and respiratory problems.


Infrared sauna

The effects of infrared radiation are used for heat generation and regeneration. Due to the fact that the surrounding air is almost not heated at all, the stay in the infrared sauna is tolerable even for people who have difficulty breathing in classical saunas or have various cardiovascular problems. Therefore, the infrared sauna is popular for various treatments. The temperature in the infracabin does not exceed 50 ° C, so your body does not warm up to 38 ° C and does not begin to heal and produce specific hormones, but has other advantages.

Infrared radiation penetrates to the depth of the epidermis – the skin, a maximum of several cm. Due to the specific radiation properties, human skin is able to absorb up to 93% of the infrared radiation that gets to it. The skin then distributes heat to the inner parts of the body, helping to overheat and relax the muscles. Other energy reflected from the skin heats the air – it has a relatively low temperature in the sauna around 30 to 50 ° C. This makes it possible to stay in the sauna for about 30 to 45 minutes without a break.


Opening hours and a pricelist

Monday -Thursday 14:00 – 21:00

Friday – Saturday 14:00 – 22:00

Sunday 14:00 – 21:00.

Children below 12 years of age may use the sauna world only to 17:00.

Currently the Swedish and Steam Sauna is out of operation in the sauna world.


Enjoying sauna with children

The sauna world is open for kids under 12 every day until 5 PM.
Please do not forget about the following principles of taking a sauna with children:

  • Before entering the sauna world, children must be prepared for it – closed area, heat or even nudity.
  • The sauna world can only be entered in towels.
  • Do not leave children in sauna unattended.
  • Before entering sauna, shower must be taken first. Shower your children with warm water and proceed from feet up.
  • Children should take sauna at temperatures up to 65 °C and for this reason the herbal, steam and infrared sauna are recommended.
  • Seat your children onto a towel on the lowest bench where the temperature is the lowest.
  • Do not eat, drink or read in sauna.
  • Noisy behaviour can bother other visitors.
  • Children should stay in sauna for a shorter time than adults; approximately 3 ─ 8 minutes, depending on their age.
  • After taking sauna, cooling down in the shower should follow again.
  • After cooling down, take some rest in the resting room. Do not forget to replenish fluids. Drink pure water.
  • The number of sauna cycles depends on the age of the children. Children up to 3 should only take one cycle. Children older than 3 can take 3 cycles.


Pricelist of sauna world you can find here.

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