What makes our water exceptional?

Our pools are filled with water from our own thermal spring. Using thermal springs have a long-standing tradition in Patince. Hot springs with healing effects are mentioned already in 13th-century documents and we have information about the existence of baths already from the Roman times.

Thermal water from the Patince springs with beneficial effects on the human body is mentioned also by Matej Bel in his work. Count Nedetzky had baths built around the spring in which diseases of the extremities were successfully treated. On 10 October 1953, on Dr. Ondrej Stollman’s recommendation, the thermal spring in Patince and its vicinity was declared a protected area. One of the boreholes is situated at a small thermal pond that lies about 1 km to the southeast from the village of Patince. The borehole was drilled in 1953 and it forms a small pond, 10 x 20 in size, with a maximum depth of 2 metres.

Another mineral water spring can be found near the thermal pond. In fact, it is a double borehole drilled to improve the hydrotechnical parameters (high input speed). The borehole is 160 m deep but is built in only to a depth of 146 m. The water temperature is 26.9 °C.

The third spring emerges in a meadow in front of the thermal pond towards the area of the swimming pool. The borehole was drilled in 1982 for the needs of the recreation centre. It is 170 m deep and the steel beams were kept on it. The thermal water emerges from the borehole with its own pressure. Its temperature reaches 26.2 °C.

The thermal water in Patince is rich in hydrocarbons, calcium, magnesium and sulphates. Consequently, it has beneficial effects on the locomotor system and is effective against its diseases.

Relaxing in thermal water of about 35 °C has a soothing effect on the body and promotes heat supply especially to the extremities, which are always colder. Increased body temperature causes a significant acceleration of the biochemical changes in the body – oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide emission increases, the flexibility of the muscles, the ligaments and the connective tissues improves while muscle tension decreases, and blood supply to the skin and to the core of the body increases due to the heat received.

The Pool World of Wellness Hotel Patince **** is a complex of pools with water from a thermal borehole specially adjusted to meet hygiene and health standards. There is a spacious adventure pool with several attractions, such as water massage beds and water cannons, nozzles, cascades and wild river current. There is also a relaxation pool, hot tub, and children’s pool.

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Prijemny oddych, ochotny peronal, chutne jedlo. Vyborny bazen, masaze a procedury. Deti sa vyblaznia :-) Izby su na slovenske pomery dost priestranne. Odporucam.


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Priestranný vodný svet, ústretoví personál, ľahká dostupnosť, možnosť aj bezlepkovej stravy, odporúčam.


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Bolo super :-D


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V hotelu jsem byla ubytována jen na 2 noci v rámci služební cesty a vše bylo naprosto perfektní. Milý personál, pokoje čisté. Naprosto vyhovující. Všem děkuji za milé přivítání. Lucie


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