Winter activities at the hotel

Nordic walking

In this sport you use muscles of the whole body. Anybody can enjoy Nordic walking as an activity supporting physical health. This kind of sport is pursued using specially designed poles similar to ski poles. It is a sport suitable for everybody, because it is simple, financially undemanding and very effective for maintaining fitness.

Price lists and additional informations can be found here.

Every Saturday at 2:20 p.m.


Another part of the hotel equipment is also a modern gym. Hotel guests have unlimited free access to the fitness centre.

Power yoga

Exercising yoga you can get rid of health problems, increase flexibility and mobility, you can enhance your immunity system and improve your breathing. Power yoga has more and more fans therefore do not hesitate and come to relax and work out.

Aqua aerobic

Aqua aerobic is a relatively new sport combining aerobic activity with water environment. It is focused on improving physical fitness, reducing body weight and body shaping. You can work out every Saturday at 4:00 p.m. in the pool world.

 Bowling, billiard, darts and table football

For active relaxation you have access to two bowling lanes, billiard , darts and table football. You can book bowling lanes at hotel reception desk.

Price lists and additional informations can be found here.

Table tennis

For those guests who do not dare to play traditional tennis we prepared a table where you can show your speed and punctuality. Have fun and enjoy some competition with your friends or children. You can play table tennis at the pool world for free.

Children’s corner

In the hotel there is a fully equipped children’s corner, where children can for example jump into a pool with balls.

They said about us

Prijemny oddych, ochotny peronal, chutne jedlo. Vyborny bazen, masaze a procedury. Deti sa vyblaznia :-) Izby su na slovenske pomery dost priestranne. Odporucam.


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Priestranný vodný svet, ústretoví personál, ľahká dostupnosť, možnosť aj bezlepkovej stravy, odporúčam.


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Bolo super :-D


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V hotelu jsem byla ubytována jen na 2 noci v rámci služební cesty a vše bylo naprosto perfektní. Milý personál, pokoje čisté. Naprosto vyhovující. Všem děkuji za milé přivítání. Lucie


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