Wrap with Dead Sea mud

Dead Sea mud takes thousands of years to form and contains a wide range of minerals. The Dead Sea mud is applied to the back and shoulders or to the whole body. It is calming, revives the metabolism and regenerates the skin. It helps the deep cleansing of the skin, refreshes and energises.

20 min. / 15 €

Local peat wrap – thermal

Peat contains within it a huge amount of nutrients, natural trace elements, minerals and substances which are easily absorbed through the skin. The local peat wrap is applied as peat strips and a heat pack to the back and shoulders. The peat strips and heat pack increase skin engorgement and improve the function of muscles and joints.

20 min. / 10 €

Peat wrap with peat pulp

The peat wrap has a positive effect on renewing skin cells, is anti-bacterial and reinforces the immune system. Special peat pulp is used for the wrap whose composition increases engorgement, improves muscle and joint function, improves the healing of skin eczema and cellulite. One of peat’s main effects is its thermal effect.

20 min. / 12 €

Local honey wrap – thermal

The honey wrap helps your body to detox itself, revitalise, reverse the negative effects of stress and a polluted environment. The wrap is applied locally a using a soft strip of pure organic beeswax and propolis with a heat pack.

20 min. / 12 €

Thermal wrap

The thermal wrap helps relax muscles, tendons and joints and warms up the whole body. We recommend a wrap before any massage for relaxing the muscles.

20 min. / 7 €

Chocolate whole body wrap with real 98% chocolate

“Chocotherapy” is an excellent way of fighting depression, stress and a bad mood. It also helps against cellulite and renews and hydrates the skin. It leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished, veiled in the scent of sweet chocolate. Real chocolate coins with a 98% cocoa content are used for the wrap, dissolved in organic almond oil.

20 min. / 25 €

Detox whole body wrap with natural clay

The detox whole body wrap rids the body of harmful substances. The clay contained gives the skin lots of minerals and trace elements which help the metabolism and overall skin engorgement. To increase the detox effect, mustard oil and a mixture of ethereal oils are used. After the wrap, your skin stays smooth and hydrated.

20 min. / 25 €

Nourishing whole body wrap with rosehip oil

The nourishing whole body wrap contains extracts from rosehip oil and wild poppies. The rosehip oil is exceptionally active against wrinkles, reduces skin ageing and helps hydration. The flowery tones in the oil leave the skin exceptionally scented.

20 min. / 25 €

Romantic chocolate whole body wrap for couples with real 98% chocolate

Treat yourself to a whole body wrap with real chocolate as a couple by candlelight and in a romantic atmosphere. Chocolate is a strong aphrodisiac, and its taste and aroma also make it an exceptional means of fighting bad moods and depression.

20 min. / 45 €